Kirsten Wechslberger |‘MINAMINALS II, Earth to Earth’

Site-Specific Installation

part of the Kunst:Offen (mp43) and the Earth Festival 2018

Minaminals is a conceptual installation project that focuses on ephemeral, experimental, sustainable processeses, materials and themes of art production in the public space. Minaminals II, Earth to Earth‘ encompassed 50 sculptures including tortoises, birds, snakes and snails. Approximately 13 sculptures per animal were installed as one piece in an old fountain in Hellersdorf, Berlin in 2018. The process of decomposition as the artwork was exposed to the weather and other uncontrollable factors was key to  the artwork. The planned deliberate decay of the installation is symbolic of the ‘circle of life’, birth and death as found in all ecosystems. Each of the 50 sculptures has a size between 8cm³ and 25cm³. The Minaminals are from the artists own bioplastic and sand receipe of 100% natural, biodegradable materials, from the design of the prototypes, to the cast sculpture.